The Calm Before The Storm.. And a Small Introduction

Being December 31, everywhere you look people are preparing for the new year.  The banks were crazy busy today with people doing their final transactions for the year, businesses filing their taxes and people getting money out in general as all banks are closed for the holiday tomorrow.  Just about everywhere was nuts.  A new year also has people pledging their resolutions and committing to world peace…. at least for the first week.  I’ve always shied away from New Years Resolutions because, just like so many other people, I’m all gung-ho for the first few week, maybe a month, and then I forget about them it seems.  But this year has to be different as I have some mandatory changes that I HAVE to make.  On that note, I should provide some background information about myself, my life and why I decided to start this blog.

The name of my blog is a little unusual. “Broke Back Momma: Life and Times of a Disabled Mom” isn’t exactly a generic name, but it describes my life pretty close to bang on. I suffer from several severely herniated disc in my lumbar spine, severe nerve damage in that area, degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis. Due to my medical problems, there isn’t a lot that is consistent in my life, but one this is, and thats the pain.  Its always there no matter what.  There are good days and there are bad days but it is always there in one form or another. My days are planned around my pain level and medications.  As I’m sure you can imagine, it makes things difficult.  Winter is the worst, as here in Canada it get very very cold and that paired with the humidity of Southwestern Ontario, it seeps into your bones and your joints and settles in and make you feel like you’re bones are going to shatter.

It’s a lot for one person to handle on a daily basis and it makes every little thing a challenge.  But this isn’t just about me.  As the title of the blog states, I am also a mom. I am the single mother of a charismatic, extremely intelligent, compassionate 7 year old girl.  Her dad and I were married for 6 years before we separated.  But this isn’t your typical separation.  I’m pretty sure I have the most amicable separation ever.   I am our daughters main care giver but her dad has her every other evening after school til bedtime as well as every other weekend, which is amazing.  The first thing we both said when we separated was that our daughter comes first no matter what.  We could hate each other guts but we’d never say a bad word about each other in front of her.  My family also view our separation as “losing a son in law but gaining a son”. My ex, who we will call Sparky is still family.  He attends family functions, birthdays, family dinners and so on.  He helps my dad with farm work and repairs and uses my dads shops and tools when needed.  Its not uncommon to show up at my parents to find Sparky already there.

So to get back on track, my disability doesn’t only affect me.  I have been disabled for as long as my daughter can remember.  To her, this is normal.  She know what Mom can and cannot do and does not hesitate to remind me when I’m doing something that I probably shouldn’t be.  I am fortunate as well that I have my entire immediate family very close by who help me on a regular basis.  I am very very grateful for my amazing family and how each of them go out of their way to give me a helping hand whenever they can.

Last fall I had a meeting with my neuro team and my pain team.  They altered my medication and we had a serious talk about changes I need to make in my life to help myself.  I had a great start last September but as soon as it got cold outside I crawled into the house and barely left all winter.  I then had a fall in the spring which set me back several months followed by returning to work part time (YAY!!) which took a huge  adjustment as well.  Long story short I did not make these changes I priority, which leads me into why I am writing this on New Years Eve.  I have several changes that I have to make in my life, and what better day to make them then on the first day of the year? So, without further ado, here it is:

Broke Back Momma’s 2015 New Years Resolution List

  1. Perform a minimum 30 minutes of physical activity everyday
  2. Lose these last 25 pounds (hopefully before a friends wedding in July)
  3. Write a blog post at least once a week
  4. Follow the “52 weeks of saving” plan!

One of the biggest changed that my medical team want me to do is get moving. This is easier said than done though because I am so limited in what I can do.  A gym is totally out of the question because its way too easy for me to hurt myself with weight or on the machines.  Kickboxing/boot camps, HIIT or any type of structured class is out as I wouldn’t be able to do half the stuff or keep up with the class (I had  trial session at a local gym people rave about and even in the beginners class, I wasn’t able to do most the exercises), really in all honesty I can barely go for a long walk without risking injury. I don’t want to be negative though.  There are things that I CAN do.  This year I plan on doing hot yoga as well as swimming. I have held back from swimming in the past because our local pool is quite cold and I dread getting into it and also getting out of it and having to dry off and go back out into the cold with wet hair.  Hot yoga is in the next town over and its only 20 minutes but still could be a challenge to get to.  I was lucky enough to come across a WagJag deal that gets me 60 days of unlimited hot yoga for $59.99 (regular $180!).  I have 90 days from when I purchased it to start using it so I decided to wait til the new year to start because I’d be wasting it with all the holidays and days they’re closed over Christmas and New Years.  So, starting tomorrow (well in 5 minutes really) I am going to do 30 minutes of physical activity everyday for the next year.  Even if it walking around my house and stretch; 30 minutes for 365 days.  That will easily help me with #2, to lose these last 25 pounds and get stronger.

So there you have it, my goals/resolutions written down.  Here’s to an amazing year in 2015!